Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my knife is finished ?

It depends on how long my order list is but currently one has to wait about 1.5 months from placing the order to the knife shipping out in the mail.

Do you do your own heattreat ?

Since I have an electric kiln I can heattreat about every steel out there myself. I don´t have liquid nitrogen tho, so if the customer wants a cryo treatment on his blade I will ship it out to my buddy Forge Works in Germany, to get the heattreat done by him.

How should I sharpen/ care for my knife ?

I inclde a letter with every one of my knives, with recommendations on how to care for your knife and how one should and should not use it.

What is your warranty ?

I warrant my knives against faults of the maker for life whether you're the first owner or the 100th.  For other repairs and spa treatments the cost and turn around times will differ.  For simple repairs it takes around two weeks, but for more extensive repairs or replacement it may take up to 3 months to work into the rotation.

Do you ship knives worldwide ?

Yes ! Weather your in Japan, Usa, England, Turkey, Argentina, ... 

My knives will reach you !