Haase Knives is really just me, Friedrich Haase. But all my friends call me Fritz. Im a 20 year old knifemaker from Germany, currently living in the mountains of Spain. Im a passionate bushcrafter, free climber and outdoor enthusiast.. My passion for the outdoors started when I was 7 years old reading a book about stoneage people making slings and archery equipment. From that moment on I was obsessed and spent the rest of the summer making bows from hazel staves with pieces of flint and shooting them at my moms preaciuos flower pots. Ever since then my passion for nature and craftmanship only got bigger and inspired me to start making knives about 4 years ago.

I started with a hairdryer powered charcoal grill, an angle grinder and worked my way up to a fully equiped workshop with professional tools, that ensure superb quality, fit and finish on every one of my knives.

Im looking forward to continuing my journey.

Fritz Haase